Degrees EarnedGraduated from Clemson University With a B.S. Health Science (preprofessional; exercise physiology)CrossFit Level-1 Certificate August 2011, CrossFit Level-2 Certificate September 2017
Experience2004-2006 - Single A Professional BMX Racing2008-2010 Clemson Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation - Neurological - Orthopedics - Strength & Conditioning2011-2014 Sport of Fitness CF Coach/Trainer2013-2016 Co-Owner/Head Coach LMCF

"I am very passionate about fitness! Fitness is more than a sport, it is a community that brings people together to promote quality of life. My goal is to inspire people to be better through education and motivation. I earned the opportunity to become a Physical Therapist but after realizing that I could impact the lives of others through fitness I changed directions. I tried working in a few "Globo" Gyms managing the personal training department, but found that it was greatly influenced by things other than improving health. In 2010 and began working at a "Box" in 2011 where I worked on becoming better at coaching and instructing. In December of 2013, my business partner and close friend Garris Gonce and I opened LMCF. During that time, I was asked to come back to the Northeast side and open a gym to continuing coaching people that had been on a fitness journey with me since 2011. That's when we opened Fitness 535. I have had the pleasure of coaching several athletes, from professional to "average joes". I enjoy seeing everyone make improvement! From a PR in a Snatch to just being able to get up off the floor. Your individual success and determination is what bring me to work each day. It has been a blessing and I owe it all to my Savior Jesus Christ."



Degrees EarnedB.S. Information Systems Bridgewater CollegeM.S. Information Systems Technologies - University of Maryland Baltimore County
Experience2016 CrossFit Level-1 Certificate2018 Crossfit Level-2 Certificate (Renewed in 2023)2018 CrossFit Kettlebell Certificate2017-Present - Coach at Fitness 535/Crossfit Creed2015-Present - Owner/operator of Old Field Garage Gym

About MeI've been involved in sports since I was a little kid, from one season in soccer (realized I hated that sport) to baseball and football. I got the opportunity to continue sports thru college, getting the opportunity to play football for Bridgewater College. Thru that experience and some amazing strength coaches, I gained a love for the power clean. I've always enjoyed any time spent in activities and sports, from running to weightlifting to Rucking and Spartan events.
I found CrossFit in 2012 when my wife Michelle and I answered a neighborhood Facebook post about neighbors who had a garage gym and were looking for workout friends. We were hooked - outfit the garage with stall mats, barbells, and plates and haven't looked back. After spending time at 803 CrossFit, we moved over to rejoin some friends at Fitness535, now CrossFit Creed.
I love getting people to push themselves just a further and coming up with Warmups that equal a full WOD. In between a full-time job with a hectic travel schedule, Michelle and I enjoy spending time with our dogs and running thru a crazy Sunday Funday Workout schedule on Sundays.


Blake Carpenter - COACH


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